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Why Vitality?

Deborah Linden
Founder, Vitality Center Orlando

Seven years ago, I took my health for granted. I didn’t have anything particularly wrong with me, I thought I ate healthy foods and lived a fairly healthy lifestyle. My mother, vibrant and lively at 76 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It was a wake-up call for me, and the beginning of my journey into living a truly healthier life, filled with vitality.

Helping her live the best quality of life during her battle with cancer, I discovered how so many factors affect our health – nutrition, stress, sleep quality, environment and much more. I created the concept of Vitality Center Orlando in 2015 after visiting a healing institute in Atlanta with my mother. I opened it a year later but soon discovered the focus was too narrow. I closed it after six months and have taken the past two years to do more research and have met literally hundreds of medical, nutrition and holistic professionals in an effort to revise my wellness model for a broader reach and a more effective program. I am blessed to have assembled a talented team of medical, nutrition and holistic professionals who are compassionate, dedicated and committed to helping people live better.

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It’s all about access

It is my goal to give people access to these professionals and allow them to enjoy experiences in venues all over town that will be both educational and entertaining. You might think I am becoming a “Healthcare Event Planner.” People who know me know that I have enjoyed entertaining for more than 20 years. Check out our events to see the variety of our offerings every month. Some are complimentary, some include overnight accommodations, some include a restaurant and wine bar, and we even have a high end Retreat that will be more of a Medically Supervised Health Vacation, a real life changing event.

Get yourself going

speaking engagementThere is certainly something for everyone. No matter where you are at on your discovery of a more vital you – eating a little better, being more active, being more social or combatting a chronic disease – our team of medical, nutrition and holistic professionals can help you chart your course. It is not our intent to tell you what to do, but to give you a perspective so you can make better choices and be your own best health advocate.

They will motivate and inspire you, teaching you through personalized and understandable approaches. Maybe most important, they know how to make living healthier fun – because we think that if you enjoy the changes you make in your lifestyle, you’ll stick with them for life.

At our educational seminars, you can learn from them how to combat disease, boost your immune system, energize your body and mind and improve your overall health and longevity. They will help give you a perspective on lifestyle options so you can make personal, and guided, decisions about your health. We’re expanding a community of people focused on a better way to live every day.

Did you know that 6 of 10 adults have a chronic disease, with 4 of 10 having two or more? The key lifestyle risks associated with chronic disease are:

  • tobacco usage
  • poor nutrition
  • lack of physical activity

(source: cdc.gov)

Solving the tobacco problem is easy – quit smoking. Solving the other two can be complicated because there are so many confusing messages out there about proper nutrition and physical activity. Doctors prescribe pills and tell their patients to eat better, get more sleep and exercise. But they don’t tell you how, what the best practices are, and why. This is where the Vitality Center Orlando will be your best resource to help address these arenas.

The U.S. healthcare and insurance systems focus on “disease care” – typically through prescription medicines. We’re trained that these medicines do more help than harm. Insurance companies dictate to doctors to focus on quantity of patients seen in short visits rather than quality care focused on long-term results. It’s faster to prescribe a drug than to address the underlying issues of chronic disease – lifestyle habits.

There is a movement in the medical world away from the current system of “disease care” dictated by the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. You will get to meet some of these medical pioneers at the various events and it is their mission to focus on “wellness care” and prevention.

Now you know my “why”

Why I’ve made it my mission to bring these incredible professionals and this important message to my community. Why I’ve focused Vitality Center Orlando on wellness care and prevention. Why I joined forces with our Partner Providers who are medical doctors that left the traditional medical practices. Why our educational programs and services are geared to help people cut through all the misinformation about chronic disease prevention and nutrition. We’re here to give you healthy lifestyle options that will positively impact your health.

What is your "why"?

I invite you to take that first step toward taking control of your better health, with others who want to live better every day.

We’ve developed a lot of ways for you to learn including seminars, cooking demos, immersive weekend seminars and social events. You’ll learn how to improve the way your body works, from enhanced mobility to improved balance. You’ll expand your knowledge of proper nutrition, and how you can incorporate foods that are better for you in your daily meals. You’ll learn how to tackle chronic disease for yourself and the people you care about.

kitesWe’ll be adding other events and healthy lifestyle topics as we grow, to expand your community of healthy lifestyle support.

Maybe most importantly, you’ll connect with other people who you’ll learn from, and gain a support network of like-minded people on your journey to a healthier, empowered you.

Join the Vitality Movement and start to make the change in your long-term health.

Check out our upcoming events here, and plan now to join us. And if there’s a healthy lifestyle field you’d love to know more about, contact me. We’re here to give you the vitality you want!

Here’s to your vitality!



We host educational and social events to connect our community of individuals interested in healthy lifestyle at partner locations in Orlando, Florida.

Give us a call or send us an email for more information on living your life with vitality.


Our Team

Deborah Linden

Maressa Rahn
Body-Brain Connection & Self-Care Coach


Our Partners

Through partnerships with field experts including educators, nutritionists and medical doctors, we offer seminars on topics including movement, energy, nutrition, food prep and healthy lifestyle best practices. 

This holistic approach is also emphasized at our partner, The Vineyard Wine Bar & Healthy Bistro. Located in The Grove, we offer here nutritious foods and dietary boosters to keep you running at peak performance. Its menu spotlights vegan and vegetarian entrees. It serves top-rated and unique wines from international wineries alongside foods that are land-, sea- and plant-based, thoughtfully-sourced for both taste and nutrition. It’s healthy nutrition out on the town, on the go and at home.