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Maressa RahnMaressa Rahn

Maressa Rahn is a Body-Brain Connection and Self-Care Coach. Her coaching combines four decades of experience working with the body while grafting knowledge of the brain, stress and basic human behavior. Through this approach, she brings a unique perspective to the science of self-care. She helps clients understand the connection between the body and brain and how to better manage the stresses of modern life. Her goal is to empower her clients through knowledge to create a personalized self-care plan and to live their best quality of life. She has extensive knowledge and understanding of how stresses on the body affect the brain and stresses of the brain affect the body. Her training includes Extensive Life Coaching Trainings; Movement Therapies including Re-education and Re-Integration; and Licensed Massage Therapy including Lymphatic, Cranial-Sacral, Zero Balancing, MPS Scar Release and Concussion Therapy. She is certified in Movement Programs including Yoga, Pilates and QiGong. She is self-studied and has lived experience as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and business owner. Her goal has been to put into practice what she teaches by implementing her own self-care in order to bring her best self to her family and clients. She believes that a “healthy me, mind and body,” is the best gift she can give to those she cares about. She believes that her state of being can empower others to do the same.