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Our Vitality Coaches offer educational seminars on topics including movement and mobility, life balance, nutrition, food prep, healthy lifestyle and more. 

Movement Training

Movement training combines evidence-based biomechanical and neuroscience approaches to correct movement dysfunction and maximize range of motion. Our modern lifestyle and technologies have come at a cost to our bodies. There are parts of us that are not getting the needed daily dose of movement required for long-term mobility, balance, coordination and brain-body connection. With the body and brain being so intricately connected, when we activate the body through movement, we activate the brain. When a body part doesn’t get the required movement, we are also not activating the parts of the brain that are connected to these parts. Over time we gradually lose our brain connection to these parts. Restoring movement of all your parts restores your mobility and re-engages parts of the brain that are connected to these body parts. With the belief that “life is movement; movement is life,” Maressa Rahn is committed to improving people’s quality of life through movement training. She is a certified specialist in the fields of movement performance, exercise therapy, movement integration and movement re-education.

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you focus on self-care, to help you define and achieve personal and professional goals to help you tap into your full potential. It guides you to identify objectives, motivates you while you initiate the changes and helps you sharpen your skills for further results. It helps you identify your core values and what drives you.

The Vineyard Wine Bar & Healthy Bistro

Our healthy lifestyle approach is also emphasized at our partner, The Vineyard Wine Bar & Healthy Bistro. Located in The Grove, we offer here nutritious foods and dietary boosters to keep you running at peak performance. Its menu spotlights vegan and vegetarian entrees. It serves top-rated and unique wines from international wineries alongside foods that are land-, sea- and plant-based, thoughtfully-sourced for both taste and nutrition. It’s healthy nutrition out on the town, on the go and at home.