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Empowering you to live with vitality.  

Learn, socialize and change your life through a club designed with you in mind from Vitality Center Orlando and The Vineyard Wine Bar & Healthy Bistro. It’s focused on your vitality, helping you improve your physical, mental and spiritual vigor, energizing you to make the most of life every day.

Join the Vitality Movement, and discover healthy lifestyle best practices from medical professionals, guiding you to take control of your ongoing wellness and making you your own best health advocate. You’ll catch up with friends at life-enriching events and maximize your leisure time. And, of course, you’ll enjoy incredible wines. 


Learn ways to stay at the top of your game from medical, health and holistic professionals. At interactive seminars, discover best practices, new trends and life action plans.


Live a healthier lifestyle with nutrition, shopping and meal planning services as well as discounts on select health programs, events and educational offerings.


Every month, socialize at complimentary events including a wine tasting and healthy lifestyle classes.


Explore your best wellness with your Vitality Pack, filled with healthy discoveries, service specials and a fabulous bottle of wine. Non-alcoholic options also available. Live better with our news, resources and recipes.

VIP Perks

Receive priority reservations at Club events, and at other events from Vitality Center Orlando, The Vineyard Wine Bar & Healthy Bistro, Dr. Olga’s Vitality Retreats, Oakland Manor House and other partners.


Monthly | $65
Monthly Membership
Recurring Payment

6 months | $354 upfront
Save 9%! 6 Month Membership
Recurring Payment

12 months | $660 upfront
Save 15%! 12 Month Membership
Recurring Payment

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